Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur has consistently exceeded expectations during his formative and professional years, to what many would describe him today as an “over-achiever.”

For the last decade, Joseph worked as a successful trusted financial analyst at a Chicago-based global management consulting firm, where he was known as the go-to lead for challenging initiatives as a result of his high performance standards. When he wasn’t burning the midnight oil, Joseph spent his time focused on Health & Business coaching, a lifestyle that eventually led to low-energy and burnout.

Knowing he had to make a change, Joseph evaluated his life’s plan and sought tools and programs that would help him create sustainability and balance in all areas of his life.

That’s when Joseph discovered the High Performance Institute, the world’s leading think tank and training center on helping individuals and companies maximize energy and improve well-being. He started implementing what he discovered, fueling higher performance for him personally with the data-driven material inspiring him to live a more purposeful life.

Having consumed, practiced and incorporated the most powerful habits of the world’s highest performers into his life, Joseph’s calling was clear. In 2019, he left his job and comfortable income as a trusted financial analyst to become a High Performance Coach.  

As a Coach, Joseph teaches his clients world-class high performance habits and how to incorporate them into their daily lives. This includes helping clients to gain clarity, energy, productivity, influence and courage to execute, outpace, and sustain high performance while creating a life of balance.

Joseph currently lives in Tampa, Florida and enjoys spending his time learning and educating others.

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