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The Intentional Woman.

Join a community of women that are crushing stereotypes and societal expectations by lifting each other up on their journey to complete independence and financial freedom. The Intentional Woman Community creates change in the lives of women through monthly live sessions, exclusive content, networking, and mentorship.


Membership Perks

Monthly Live Sessions

Join Heather and other Community Leaders each week at virtual live event that brings the energy of a clash between Ellen and Lizzo. Get your glass of wine ready, because these nights with the girls are something you don’t want to miss.

Member Spotlights

Showcase your work, your business, or your wins to the community of women. Receive support and encouragement from everyone in the group along the way.

Exclusive Content

Heather’s inner circle is a place you want to be. Get access to strategies, insights, and information that Heather is leveraging to build her own empire that she is not sharing anywhere else.


In the Intentional Woman community, our members help each other. Network with other women pursuing similar goals and uplift each other. Everyone has unique value to provide and this community is a place to share that value.


Whether you’re just getting started on your path to freedom or are well on your way, mentors can serve as a valuable resource in speeding up your journey. Find or become a mentor inside the Intentional Woman to become the woman of your dreams or help someone along the way.

Weekly Giveaways

Each week, Heather will be giving away books, merch, and the token Intentional Woman tumbler that everyone sips their wine from each week. The most engaged women in the community will be able to access the giveaways.

Breakout Sessions

Have something to share that can help other women? Set up a live breakout session of your own to share your knowledge and experience with the other women in the community. Use this platform as a way to sell yourself, gain credibility, and meet more women in the community.

Q&A Sessions

Everyone on the inside wants to tap into Heather’s brain that has created huge wealth in Real Estate. Ask her whatever questions are on your mind on a weekly basis when she opens up the Q&A.


On the journey of accelerating women’s path to financial freedom, the Intentional Woman community educates its members on topics like Real Estate, Personal Finance, Motivation, Mindset and more!

Membership Options

The Intentional Woman



  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Live Sessions
  • Member Spotlights
  • Networking and Mentorship
  • Breakout sessions
  • Real Estate and Financial Education
  • Access to Heather!