What is Personal Development?

Nov 08, 2021
Why is Personal Development important?
Who should do Personal Development?
How can I get started if I want Personal Development? 
Hello friends… your High Performance Coach, Joseph Arthur here…. Do these questions sounds familiar?  Most likely not!  
But why? 
I’m glad you asked!  
Before diving into WHY and how these questions came up, let me share how it all started.  I was recently invited to a podcast called Win The Day and the focus is increasing our awareness with Mental Health.  It’s a phenomenal organization, nonprofit, that’s helping our society with mental challenges.  You are able to hear from real live situations and people challenged like anyone else.  On the podcast, I was asked these questions and my goodness, it was a ball.  Right after the interview was done, I realized these questions ought to be asked often and more individuals need to grow personally. 
I’ll share my answers from the podcast with your today. 
What is Personal Development?  The simple answer is personal growth!  Now, what does that really mean?  You may be wondering… Well, a baby does not stay a baby their whole life right?  On the other hand, some folks act like babies for their whole lives.  LOL!  All joke apart, the reality within our DNA, we a programed as human beings to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  If we are not growing, we are not stagnant and for lack of better answer, we are actually dying.  No such thing as stagnant!  The most frustrated person on the planet is someone that is complacent and has no progress.  Think about this for a moment, when are you most frustrated?  My guess is, when you see no progress such as sitting in traffic.  Or waiting anxiously for an answer?  Or simply waiting for anything.  We innately crave growth and when it’s not happening, we settle and that leads to complacency.  It’s obviously inevitable to stay physically a baby but when it comes to our mental, we must grow and develop.  That my friends is called personally development.  When you are developing and learning how to improve mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  
Why is Personal Development Important?  Such a great question!  The reason goes back to our natural instinct is growth and when we do, much like learning a skill or something new, we grow and our human brain is consistently searching.  For the nourishment of our human mind, development is needed for stimulation.  What you feed it, is what you get out of it.  Unfortunately our mind is unable to detect good and bad, but whatever seed is planted, the fruit will follow.  If you want a healthy mind, feed It healthy information.  If you want a toxic mind, feed it toxic information.  Regardless, the fruit of the planted seed will grow. 
Who should do Personal Development?  Well, for as long as you breathe, you should do personal development because you are personally developing.  You should be reading the books, attending the seminars, learning from folks that have achieved a standard of life you’d want.  Personal Development would transform your life in all areas from relationships, finances, businesses, etc.  There are books, videos, seminars and many resources available to tap into.  Keep in mind, the human being is the only living creature that can decide to live a new and different life whenever they want.  All other creatures are directed by instinct and DNA.  A goose will alway fly south during winter time.. you can encourage the goose to fly north, NOPE, it’ll instinctively fly south.  But a human being can decide what the next year can look like and it does not have to be exactly like last year.  
How do I start Personal Development?  It boils down to your focus.  One of the biggest challenges is knowing who you are as a person.  Finding out who you are and what you are made of is where to start.  For someone that has faith, I’m not here to pour my beliefs on anyone, but I do believe in Jesus Christ, who is my Savior.  I believe we were all created by the same God and from understanding that, is the root of our personal development.  From there you should explore areas in your life where you’d want to grow.  That can be finances, relationships, communications, etc.  It is simple, start somewhere my friend.  You can search from the John C. Maxwell if you are seeking leadership.  You can search for Brene Brown when it comes to relationships.   You can search for Tony Robbins as well as Brandon Burchard, just to name a few.  
The key is to starting my friends.  
Personal Development will only make your lives much better, but it will also impact your family and your team. 
When you grow, everyone around you grows. 
Let’s get to it!