Selecting the Right Accommodation Units Helps Create the Perfect Glamping Park

ben quiggle Jun 02, 2021
tent and chairs

Most glamping park developers have some picture in their minds of what their park will look like when it is completed.

A modern look might be what they have in mind. Maybe it has a theme — like a western motif — or maybe a park’s designer is looking to give guests a great outdoor experience that offers excellent nighttime views.

Whatever the case may be, having the right accommodation units is key to both fulfilling the vision they may have and giving guests an experience they will never forget.

The problem? There are so many different designs to choose from and more companies are entering the glamping market all the time.

How do you choose what to go with?

I have broken down some of the popular choices to hopefully inspire developers as they explore building a glamping park.

YURTS — Inspired by the Mongolian version, yurts are a versatile structure that can be used for lodging, office space or even a campstore. Designed with a wood or steel frame, most yurts have a canvas shell, although some cold-weather tents have insulated, hard-sided shells. Some modern tents come with windows, AC units and even private bathrooms.

CANVAS TENTS — Perhaps the most popular glamping unit, the canvas tent comes in many different shapes and sizes. From sturdy safari tents built on wood or metal frames to bell tents and a basic wall-style tent, tents can be designed to fit the vision of what a developer wants. I have seen a basic one-room tent to more elaborate setups with multiple bedrooms, a personal bathroom and even a large porch. Are there tents with lofts? You bet. Perhaps no one has made the canvas tent more popular than Under Canvas, which owns two dozen parks across the U.S. dedicated to glamping in canvas tents.

TREEHOUSES — Nothing is more eye-catching than a large treehouse and some glamping parks are taking the treehouse experience to the next level. These units are basically cabins in trees, with multiple bedrooms, private bathrooms, balconies and more. Branson Tree House Adventures near Branson, Mo., is one example of this glamping trend that pops to mind, but there are plenty of other parks out there that are exploring this unique accommodation unit as well.

TIPIS — Perhaps nothing garners an image of the old west quite like the site of a large tipi. Tipis have been used for centuries as a reliable way to beat the elements and its unique shape has made it an iconic structure. Modern tipis offer room for large beds, furniture and even bathrooms. While some companies supply a variety of different colored canvas options to wrap the outer canvas shell in, others will hand paint the canvas to give tipis a unique character.

COVERED WAGONS — If you have ever played the old computer game Oregon Trail, then you probably know what a covered wagon is. Built on a sturdy wooden frame and set on four wheels, these wagons would carry people throughout the West as they looked to settle in new territory. Now, they are used to house guests, with beds, private bathrooms and even a small living space. Amenities include AC, a private door and a unique experience that is sure to stick with guests for a long time.

BUBBLE TENTS — Perhaps the most space-aged accommodation unit I will mention is the Bubble Tent. Typically, the unit is round-shaped, with a triangular shell that looks similar to Disney’s Epcot attraction. One portion of the shell will be clear so that campers have a view of the nighttime sky or the scenery around them. A covered back portion allows for privacy when changing or sleeping.

Other accommodation units are being designed out of shipping containers, grain bins and more. The sky really is the limit.

While this isn’t a definitive list of glamping units on the market, this list hopefully is enough to stir the imagination.

Glamping is meant to help campers engage with the outdoors and glamping park developers should let their creative juices flow as they look for unique ways to bring smiles to the faces of their guests.

Glamping is an experience. Providing the right accommodation units adds to that experience.