Productivity. Productive. Get Stuff Done.

joseph arthur Oct 11, 2021
Productivity.  Productive.  Get stuff done. 
Does anyone else feel this words is tossed around often, yet, it is still a struggle for most? 
I get it, friends.  Today, I’ll dive a little deep on how to improve your productivity.  Simple and tactical ways to boost your productivity. 
As a High Performance Coach, I spend a whole session on this topic for several reasons.  High Performers are known mostly for their levels of productivity.  It might seem almost wild to most people, how these individuals are able to accomplish so much in a short period.  Today, I’ll help you understand how YOU can improve yours as well.  The point is not to burn out, but to produce at such high levels that it is sustainable.  
Before diving into the topic, let’s do a little assessment: 
  1. How is your productivity?  Are you happy with it? 
  2. When it comes time to working, what is your environment like?  
  3. Have you spent time understanding what kind of environment you need, in order to perform your best work? 
  4. Do you have competing interests, that steal from your focus? 
Diving into these questions can help you start peeling the layers on ways you can improve your levels of productivity and focus.  My encouragement is to spend time doing some evaluations around these questions, because by assessing most importantly the environment you thrive the most, that unveils where you do your best work.  Some people are fine with a little noice in the background as they work, others need complete silence.  Some people need their desk cleared, others, it doesn’t bother them.  Some people need to have empty walls with nothing in sight, in order to get the creative juice flowing, and others can careless.  
Doing these evaluations will not only improve your productivity, but will also drastically impact your levels of focus, which inevitably impacts your performance and sustainability when it comes to getting stuff done.  
If you are still challenged after these evaluations/assessments, try these simple steps
Action steps to Improve productivity: 
  1. Get clear of the outcome of the task - If we don’t know the goal, we would sit around and do figure 8 ALL DAY LONG and accomplish nothing.  Another thing to consider is, you may not fully know the exact outcome, but have the clearest idea on WHAT it is you are shooting for and WHY. 
  2. Setting boundaries on how long you are working/when does this task need completion - The point of this is, if we are left with a week to complete a task, oftentimes it will take the full week to actually complete the job.  You most likely will push off the task until the very last minute.  
  3. Taking breaks roughly every 50 minutes (BLOCK TIME) - This exercise is scientifically proven to improve brain function.  The point of this is to break-up sitting in one spot far too long.  Our bodies get stiff and lazy, which can oftentimes lead to poor posture
  4. Having a reward to celebrate - Having a reward at the end of the road might sounds simple, but psychologically, boost brain function with excitement to complete the task.  That alone helps focus because we know what a great feeling of accomplishment is with some celebration
  5. Turn off notifications - emails & phone - Living in a fast paced world, where our attentions are demanded constantly, setting your phone on airplane mode eliminates interruptions.  Our attention spans have drastically decreased over the years, that it take on average, fifteen minutes to get back on track after any interruptions  
So now your turn.  Let’s get productive by applying these simple action steps. 
Remember this, you have GREATNESS within you and none of us are promised tomorrow.  
Your coach, 
Joseph O. Arthur 
Certified High Performance Coach