Is this my dream really my Dream?

joseph arthur Sep 06, 2021
Is this my dream really my Dream?
Do I clearly see my dream?
Am I depending on factors within my control to achieve my dream?
Does my dream compel me to follow it? 
Do I have strategy to reach my dream?
Have I included the people I need to realize my dream?
Am I willing to pay the price for my dream?
Am I moving closer to my dream?
Does working towards my dream bring satisfactions?
Does my dream benefit others? 
Those are dream questions aren’t they?  I pulled those from John C. Maxwell’s book, Put Your Dreams To The Test.  
As a coach, I explore some form of these questions with my clients to truly uncover their truths.  If you personally struggle with moving closer to your dreams, I’d highly encourage picking up a copy or simply the audio book version.  
Dreams are crucial to have, but sometimes, if we don’t have the right emotional and logical attachment to the dream, shiny object syndrome can dominate our pursuits.  This begs the question, how can you stay locked in on your dreams?  Consider the steps below, as I believe these simple practices and focus will help you continue your path to fulfilling your own dream. 
  1. Identify WHAT your dream is:  The truth is getting clear on that dream.  If you recall from previous articles, SEEKING CLARITY is a habit for High Performers based on a global study over two decades.  Getting to the barebones of WHAT your dream is helps create momentum moving towards achieving it. 
  2. Identify WHY you want to achieve it:  The WHY is where we go even further by creating an emotional experience, which can lead to our big drivers to focus and pursue the dream, regardless of any obstacles.  Have you heard this saying, “does your WHY make you cry?”  Attaching deep emotions to our dreams almost creates a level of conviction, which is extremely powerful in pursuing any dream or goal. 
  3. Identify WHO:  The Who when it comes to our dreams can be, who needs us to achieve our dreams?  Or who can we ask for help to achieve our dream?  Who has done something similar?  Who is currently pursuing their dreams?  
  4. Identify WHEN:  When will we start the journey of pursuing this dream?  A dream without a deadline is simply JUST a dream.  Putting some form of dates with the dream prompts us into action.  Having a dream means creating a plan for execution and within the execution are timelines for different milestones.  
  5. CELEBRATE the little wins:  Friends, this is such a crucial act when pursuing any dream.  Every act ought to be cherished and celebrated because it’s the little acts that eventually become the dream.  Think of it this way, looking at a brick building, every brick has a place and all bricks make up the whole building.  If a brick is missing, the building looks unfinished and dismal at best.  Therefore, every step of the way moving towards your dream is like a brick making up a whole building and those are steps of achievement.  
That being said friends, if you are struggling with making your dream a reality, put this article aside and grab your pen and paper.  It is time to journal!  It is time to dump all thought on paper, in order to create more room for possibilities.  
It’s your turn.  It’s your time.  Dream BIG. 
Your coach, 
Joseph O. Arthur 
Certified High Performance Coach