Go. For. That. Goal.

joseph arthur Oct 04, 2021
“I want to achieve this goal, but…”
“I should go for it but….”
“I know I can do it, but….” 
Do these sound familiar?  They sure do to me!  
As a Certified High Performance Coach, going after goals are oftentimes what I work through with clients.  When It comes to goals, the most important things to clarify are WHAT is the goal?  WHY do you want this goal?  WHAT are you willing to sacrifice for the goal?  Are you willing to get uncomfortable regardless of obstacles in your way?  
Quick short story….
About ten years ago, I was at an event in Salt Lake City and to my best judgement, I met one of the best speaker/communicator I’ve ever heard from.  I mean, when he was introduced, I was automatically drawn in by his accolades.  He’s an author, speaker, known for his leadership teaching, the list was endless.  He had written over nighty book… I mean, I was mind blown.  
His name is John C. Maxwell. 
If you are in a position seeking leadership principles that are easily applied to your daily life, please go and camp out with John.  
Continuing the story, I was so drawn in to John at the event because there were about ten thousand people in the arena and I felt like I was having one-on-one coffee with John.  When he finished, I said to myself, I must meet this man.  Since then, I’ve studied his work extensively.  Fast forward five years after that, I was invited to a wedding and the officiant happened to have worked with John.  I walked up to him and introduced myself and said, “I must meet John!”  He said, “oh yeah?”  I said, “ABSOLUTELY!”  He said, “show up to Atlanta on…” some date and I said “DONE.”  I rushed home and booked my flight.  The day arrives and at the time, I lived in Chicago and was flying to Atlanta for just twelve hours, so no checking bags.  I could arrive an hour before take off and should be fine, right?  Well, as I parked my car and jumped in the shuttle to the airport, the driver of the shuttle was UBER slow that I walked in at 5:35am for a 6am flight… oh, oh!  I walked to the lady at check-in and she said I had to catch the next flight, which was at 10am.  The event in Atlanta was starting at 10:30am… I told her, ma’am, no, I need to be on this flight, would you please call the gate and tell them I will be there?  She said sure and printed off my pass.  Unbeknownst to me that she had put me on the 10am flight.  I sprint through security with my bag and water bottle but was stopped because the bottle had water and I was told to go back through security.  I yelled, “Merry Christmas, please toss it!”  I now had to search for the 6am flight on the board and sure it was at the other end of the airport.  Here I am at 5:45am, rushing and sprinting through O’Hare airport to finally make it to the gate.  The lady making last calls and I handed her my boarding pass, only for her to say I was on a later flight.  With another two minutes of convincing, she handed my pass to another lady.  I walked and said “ma’am, would you please look at your records, I am supposed to be on this flight and I can’t take the next flight.”  Sure enough, she confirms and I am on the jet bridge sprinting to my seat.  Finally, I’m sweating bullets but on my 6am flight.  I land in Atlanta at 9:30am and the venue was another hour away.. uh!  I pulled up my uber app only to find out uber was another hour wait.  UH!!! I decided to rent a car and fly through a city I’d never been, sure enough, I arrive at 10:35am.  After the event, I met John and he as incredible.  He was pleasant and well worth the trip.  
What was the reason for that story?  
Simply because we have these goals laid on our hearts to achieve, but are we truly willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them?  
What dream or goal have you put on the shelf?  Why do you think that dream or goal was laid on your heart?  
Friends, in order to achieve a goal, we first must identify these steps:
  1. WHAT is the goal? 
  2. WHY do you want this goal?
  3. WHAT are you willing to sacrifice? 
  4. ARE you willing to experience setback, yet still move towards the goal? 
  5. IF you don’t go for it, how much regret have you laid upon yourself? 
  6. ON your deathbed, will you wish, YOU actually went for the goal? 
I know some of these questions might seem morbid, but, if we are not getting uncomfortable, we are stagnant.  The most frustrating human being is one with no progress. 
SO, what is the next goal for you? 
Remember this, you have GREATNESS within you and none of us are promised tomorrow.  
Your coach, 
Joseph O. Arthur 
Certified High Performance Coach