Feeling Heathy is Free

joseph arthur Sep 20, 2021
Did you know, looking and feeling healthy is free? 
Puzzling, you may feel right now. BUT, I encourage you read along. 
Let’s start with a personal story.  
Early last week, I was in the gym finishing up my workout.  I was drenched and looked like I just finished one of the toughest workouts of my life.  Key words “looked like”… LOL!  I was stretching and paying attention to some of the conversations going on around me.  One of the trainers asked a gentlemen working out during their conversation, how old he was?  He softly said, “I am 64 years old” and the trainer said “wow good for you, because you don’t look it.”  I looked up at the man and sure enough, he did not look a day over 51.  Being the curious human I am, I asked how he keeps his young looks?  (As a High Performance Coach, I am always seeking ways to help my clients and myself.  I am always learning….) He said “it’s easy, I come in here a lot” and I said “good for you man, way to go.”  The feeling of more questions forced me to poke further because I know there is more to this young look, so I finished stretching and approached him.  His name is Mike and was raised on a farm in Central Florida.  He’s been in farming his whole life and recently retired.  He plans to do more traveling with his wife and see different parts of the world.  I dug further asking Mike, what else do you feel helps you look as young?  He said the same thing again, “it’s easy, I come in here a lot.”  Then he asked about me, which shared my recent move to Florida from Chicago and instantly his eyes grew.  He said CHICAGO?  No way!  I figured there’s a story, so I asked if he’s been and when last?  He said his now wife had to go to Chicago for work years ago and he remembered taking trip to Chicago and touring the city.  He shared how much he appreciated the city, walking down the Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue and at one point, he stopped and looked up at one of the buildings, just mesmerized.  He was amazed!  By the time he brought his face down with a HUGE smile, a woman stopped right in front of him and said, “young man, never lose that smile!”  Mike said, I’ve never lost it.  He continued with such enthusiasm and excitement, as if he had been waiting his whole life to share that story with me.  It was incredible!  It was beautiful!  I looked at Mike and said, “I see you’ve never lost that smile and that’s why you at 64 years old, but look 51 years old.  Mike said, “you are so kind, I appreciate that.”  Right then we parted ways and I left the gym. 
Long story but hang tight friends…. I have a point 😊
Starting from the beginning again, did you know, looking and feeling healthy is free?  I would say absolutely.  It’s no secret from the recent study of positive psychology that we decide how we want to feel, which determines how we look, which is all connected to our health.  
The term neuroplaticity is the study of our physical brain and the ability to change physically over time by our thought world.  Thinking negative deteriorates our brain and thinking positively enhances our brain.   It’s just that simple.. 
Now back to the main question again, did you know looking and feeling healthy is free?  YES, because thinking is free. LOL. 
How Is your thought life?  Are you consistently seeking the negative in most areas of your life or the positive?  
Friends, the reality is, whatever you focus on, you get more of it.  If you are consistently looking for things to go wrong, you’ll find more things wrong.  On the flip side, if you are looking for things to go right, you’ll also find that as well. 
It is no question that my new friend Mike from the gym subconsciously practices that smile everyday, which is why he looks as good as he does. 
Ok now you are probably thinking about how you can think more positively right? 
  1. Capture each thought!  Capture the thought before it permeates your brain and takes full control of your thought world
  2. Question the thought!  Does this specific thought serve me?  Does this thought steal from my happiness and joy?  If I spent too much time thinking through this though, how will I feel?  If someone knew I had this thought, would I be embarrassed?  
  3. Discard the thought!  If you can confirm the thought would only lead you to a negative outcome, it’s time to put them behind you and change your focus.  
Give those a try and my hope is we all look as great as Mike, as we climb in years. 
Your coach, 
Joseph O. Arthur 
Certified High Performance Coach