Do you have a growth plan?

joseph arthur Oct 18, 2021
Does that sound like a weird or strange question to ask or be asked?  
A few years ago, I was listening to one of my favorite speakers and authors John C. Maxwell.  He shared a story about when he was in his mid twenties, he attended a personal development seminar.  At the end of the seminar, he had the chance to meet the speaker.  During the conversation, the speaker asked John, “what is your growth plan?”  John shared how he started blabbing and felt like an airplane just doing figure 8 in the sky, just not sure where to land.  LOL!  The speaker picked up that John had no growth plan and said so to John.  John agreed!  That evening, John made a commitment to start his growth journey.  Fast-forward fifty years later, John is known globally for his leadership teachings to many government officials around the world.  He has written over a hundred books.  He has built leadership manuals for corporations around the world and continues to help others grow. 
WOW!  Yes, I thought so! 
For me, when it comes to growth, my journey started in 2009 when I was introduced to the Direct Sales industry.  Today as a High Performance Coach, growth is my life.  If I’m not growing, I’m not helping my client.  Growth is woven in my daily routine. 
Why is this article important to you?  It is important to you because growth is innately woven in every humans DNA.  When we feel stagnant, we feel a deep sense of discomfort.  When we feel stagnant, we are frustrated.  When we feel stagnant, we can become complacent.  
That’s why growth is important to you.  
The late Jim Rohn would say, “for things to change, you have to change.  For things to get better, you have to get better.”  I personally would add to that saying, the same brain that has brought you this far in your life, is not the same brain that will take you to the next level.  It’s not the same brain that will teach you new things.  It’s not the same brain that will expand your mind and challenge you to the next level.  
That is why growth is important. 
Now that you see what happens when we grow and what happens when we don’t…. HOW do you grow would be your question? 
It certainly depends on what your focus is.  If you decided to start a business, you’d dive into business books, podcasts, business community, etc.  If you decided fitness is your focus, you dive into areas that will expose you to more of that.  Same goes for all areas of our lives.  
If you are challenged with HOW to grow, here are suggestions:
  1. Find a mentor:  Mentors are exceptional especially if they have achieved what you are striving to achieve.  Now, to find a mentor, PLEASE never ask anyone “would you be my mentor?”  That can come off as a strange request.  Rather, ask “hey, would it be ok if I take you to lunch, and just ask you some questions on a topic once a month?”  Always have questions prepared to ask your mentor.  It’s not about you showing up blindly and asking them to “tell” you something. 
  2. Find community:  Finding a community in all areas of our lives is crucial.  No man or woman is an island… we all depend on each other and need each other.  Finding a Community of like minds is finding YOUR people.  People that want what you want.  People that are willing to challenge you.  People that are will to help you rise up.  People that are willing to push you beyond your comfort zone.  You can find in different social media groups, local groups, meet-ups, etc. 
  3. Find books:  Gems are found in books friends.  Considering I hated reading because of school, two years after college, I discovered personal development and dove in to books.  Reading autobiographies on how others ahead accomplished so much in their lifetime.  Books certainly would stretch your mind and expand your vision on what’s possible.  
  4. Seek out podcast:  Podcast are excellent for real time learning.  Seeking clarity in the goal you want to achieve and researching the topic, podcast can provide you with real-time lesson towards the goal. 
  5. Hire a Coach:  If you really want to compress YEARS and even DECADES of growth, hire a coach.  As a High Performance Coach, helping clients charge towards their growth, light-years faster than you would alone.  In simple words, I help clients be their absolute best by practicing habits, that lasts a lifetime.  Success leaves clues.  Within those clues are habits.  
What is your next step?  
What is YOUR growth plan? 
Remember this, you have GREATNESS within you and none of us are promised tomorrow.