Building Your Business Amidst the Chaos

joseph arthur Sep 28, 2021
“Joseph, how can I stay the course of building my brand/business, while the world around you is chaos and things seem bleak?”
That was a text I received from a client I worked with a year ago. 
That text sent my mind wondering how many others feel that way?  
But before going that far, I needed to understand what she meant “the world around you,” because is she referring to her internal world, or our world as a globe.  Sure enough, she meant our world as a globe.  
As a High Performance Coach, these are the sort of challenges I work with clients on, so I was able to help respond quickly.  
If it’s ok to get into coach mode for a moment because if you are feeling this way, please read on. 
There are multiple things we can do in this situation, but for simplicity and proper application, I’ll keep it short. 
The fact is there are major problems going on in the world.  It is crucial to acknowledge this, as I’d hate to sound incentive.  There are major issues here in our country, across our borders, across the oceans.  Problems are a sign of life.  If we have no problems, that usually means we are no longer breathing.  
The point of this blog is not to display our worldly issues, because my guess is you are fully aware of them.  Although, if you are feeling the chaos and things seem bleak, just hang tight friends.  
The truth is most people are emotionally unintelligent to bear bad news for an extended period of time.  Myself included!  Imagine consistently dumped in negativity, with no end in sight.  At some point, most people would explode and that is normal.  It almost feels like that for most people that are consistently watching every headline.  
So HOW can we pull ourselves back together and focus on building brands and businesses?  Our lives? 
These five simple steps & questions are to be applied immediately: 
  1. Understanding we have two worlds - Our Internal World & Our External World: Understanding the difference between worlds is crucial in all areas of our lives.  Our Internal World is everything that goes on in our brain, our mind, our body.  Everything that has to do with our thoughts (positive or negative), our attitude, our perspective, our mindset.  ALL these are within our control.  Our External World would be everything outside of us, which include other human beings.  
  2. Focus:  Whatever we focus on will have direct impact on our Internal World.  Whatever we focus on determines our actions or inactions.  If we focus on positive outcomes, it affects us and vice-versa.  The main question to ask, should this problem/challenge be my focus right now?  Should I spend more time thinking (internal world) about this problem?  How long should I focus on this problem? 
  3. Control:  Whatever is within our control should always be our priority/responsibility.  Evaluating problems, the first question to ask is, “What is in my control?  What can I do about this situation?  What am I or can I be responsible for?   
  4. What is out of your control:  Knowing what is within our control is just as important as identifying what is OUT of our control.  By identifying what is OUT of your control clarifies or determines what to focus on.  What is out of my control?  Is this problem/situation beyond my scope?  If so, is there someone that can help?  
The goal here is not to be insensitive to the challenges of the world, but to figure out where and what you should be focused on.  
By putting this simple audit to the test, you are able to march on building your brand/business/life. 
Remember, you have GREATNESS within you.  You were made with and for a purpose.  The future has amazing things for you. 
Your coach, 
Joseph O. Arthur 
Certified High Performance Coach