Are Champions Born Or Made?

joseph arthur Sep 13, 2021



Are champions born or made?  


I was recently on a zoom with a mentor of mine, Justin Prince and he mentioned that quote, “Champions are made not born.”  But then he went on and flipped the quote on its head and said he believed “Champions are born,” and over our lifetime, we lose that sense of winning.  


As a coach, I am often searching for ways to add value to my clients and when I hear things like that quote, I’d reflect and dig deeper on how that can be used during my session. 


About a year ago, I was researching the human birthing process mainly to understand the complexity and appreciate the process even more.  I discovered that over 20 to 100 MILLION not hundreds, not thousands, but yes you read it right, MILLION sperm is released per milliliter.  Healthy guys produce 1.5 to 5 milliliter each time..


That means on a low-end out of 20 million YOU won and on a high-end our of 500 million YOU won.  


Think about that for a moment.  


In order to read this article, you were created as the STRONGEST, FASTEST, BOLDEST to win and arrive on earth.  


So now, I’ll ask the question again, are champions born or made?  From such convincing evidence, I believe we would all agree Champions are born because you made it here.  


As you march on your day, if you find yourself feeling down, feeling as if you don’t matter, feeling as if you are not important, feeling insecure, feeling inadequate.. my friend, think about the victory it took for you to arrive. 


The point of this is to harness that champion mentality with the framework below:


Champion Mentality:

 1. KNOW you were a champion from Day

 2. BELIEVE in your God-given abilities

 3. BE your best and highest self

 4. ACT like the champion you’ve always been


These ideas above breed confident and to add more on how you can build even more confidence, the framework below goes even further.  


Confidence Building Framework:   

  Clarity - More clarity, more confident

  Competence - The better you master something, more confident

  Connection - Feeling connected to self, people, positive relationships, more confident

  Contribution - Giving brings purpose, more confident

  Capability - Ability to do stuff consistently, more confident

  Congruence - Most important.. when we are in alignment with values and morals, more confident

Finally friends, be that confident CHAMPION for your team, for your family, for your future.  


It has been your turn.  It has been your time.  


Your coach, 

Joseph O. Arthur 

Certified High Performance Coach