WOAH! Where did the year 2021 go?

joseph arthur Oct 25, 2021
Can you believe we have just a little over two months left and 2022 is official?  
As a matter of fact, 2022 is starting right now for most businesses.  Plans are in full motion.  Financials are cleaning up.  Etc…. 
How about YOU?  
How did you do this 2021 and what are you looking forward to in 2022?  
As a High Performance Coach, helping clients prepare for the next year is part of our conversation and thought this might be helpful for you as well.  
Let’s just start with a little exercise.  Let’s do an audit because it’s important to know where we are and we can certainly start mapping where we want to go. 
How are you doing in your Mental, Physical, Emotional states?  Just a check-in…..
Questions to ponder: 
Where am I RIGHT now? 
When am I mentally SHARP? 
When am I mentally DRAINED? 
What situations or circumstances today can adjust my mental states? 
How can I build a more consistent even flow of energy mentally? 
How can i invest in building my mental strength?
In order to achieve my physical goals, what must I start or stop doing TODAY? 
How do I want to look on December 31, 2021 and what can I start today to make it there? 
Am I eating more of the right things and less of the wrong? (I do believe in cheat meals 😉
Am I sleeping as much as my body requires daily?  If not, what needs to change? 
Am I drinking enough water daily? 
Am I stretching as I should daily? 
Am I taking high quality supplements to help Optimize my health? 
Where is my emotional home (where do you spend most of your time emotionally)?
What situation or circumstance is adjusting my emotional state right now and how can I bring it to a healthy state, of it’s unhealthy? 
Do I need to seek some professional help to address anything that’s holding me back from personal growth? Invest in your growth as needed. 
What does being at my healthiest emotional state look like? 
I know these are the deep questions we should spend time pondering, because while we explore these areas of our lives and get extremely vulnerable, nothing but GROWTH happens. 
We review how we did and we set new standards for how and where we want to go from here. 
Remember, when YOU grow, your community grows. When YOU get better, your community gets better. 
Let’s start rounding up 2021 and build for 2022.  By Thanksgiving, we flow right into Christmas and New Years.  Now is your best time to kick off 2022 with a bang.