About Heather

Heather Blankenship is a real estate investor with over a decade of experience across multiple asset classes. While raising three children on her own, she built a prominent real estate portfolio with no outside capital or partners. In addition to scaling her real estate business and managing properties, she is now journeying to simplify real estate education and build community among people seeking financial freedom. Heather believes that consistent, informed, and intentional action coupled with the right people and resources is the recipe to success. Heather Blankenship will guide you on your path to freedom.

My Story

Heather’s story began in rural Mississippi as the daughter of divorced parents struggling to make ends meet. She grew up poor but always appreciated the environment, experiences, and tribulations throughout her early years. From bathing in a wheelbarrow, to having to walk miles to church every single Sunday, Heather's childhood was far from "normal."

This childhood forced Heather to figure things out on her own and become extremely resilient. Her mom always said to her growing up: 

“Don’t say I can’t, say I can and do it!” 

This quote has lived on in Heather’s mind and been essential as her life would present more challenges before her ultimate success.

As a teenager, Heather struggled to fit in; at age 16, she ultimately decided to finish her schooling at home. In typical Heather fashion of getting things done, she finished high school shortly thereafter and started college that same year at age 16. Studying Supply Chain Management at Western Illinois landed her an internship at a food manufacturer where she quickly learned that she wanted absolutely nothing to do with that industry. In an effort to better match her skillset to a career, she landed a job at Enterprise Rent a Car where she quickly climbed the corporate ranks. At 22 years old she was a Finance Manager was the top grossing sales person in the Southeast region.

Her life changed when she decided she wanted to buy an RV park. At this time, she was a single mom raising 3 kids. It was here when Heather’s explosive success began...

With no outside money, no partners, and on the brink of moving in with her parents – Heather set out on a warpath to create the life she wanted for herself and her kids.

In the past 10 years, Heather has become the premiere broker in the RV Park space in the Americas and Canada. She buys RV parks, mobile home parks, and multifamily properties using the BRRRR strategy. She is now on a mission to support people like her looking to create the life of their dreams. Given the obstacles Heather has overcome, she is prepared to help anyone achieve the results that she has achieved for herself.

A lot of people might think she has accomplished all this through special opportunites, connections, and a ton of experience, but it's the complete opposite. Hard work, persistence, and a mindset that was focused on making things happen no matter what is what gave her success.

Interested in all this Success?

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